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There is no charge to join our Affiliate Program. We pay you commissions for all sales you refer.

We use several effective methods to track including: 1) Browser Cookie Tracking (using Visitors ID for 3rd party tracking) 2) HTML5 Cookie Tracking 3) IP Address 4) Impression Tracking 5) Action Tracking 6) Per Product Tracking

Affiliate commission payments occur on the 15th of each month for each approved commission. The Why Knot portal allows affiliates and merchants to view all of their activity and pending and approved commissions for total visibility.

Why Knot will provide 1) Enrollment – Onboarding and set up support 2) Training – including Webinars, FAQ, Video Tutorials 3) Accounting – handling all payments to affiliates 4) Customer Service – We are available for questions.

No there are no exclusivity requirements however the Why Knot team reviews all new affiliate and merchant requests to confirm they are the right fit for the network.

The Why Knot network abides by all Legal and Ethical rules in terms of truthful advertising, respect for intellectual property rights, disclosure of affiliate relationships, and privacy and data protection. In addition, our team has to approve all new affiliates and merchants to ensure they are the correct fit for the network and we review network activity on a daily basis.


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